Know how
it's made 

With the theme ”Know how it’s made” we would like to highlight material skills and techniques as a foundation and origin of design and interior architecture. We think it is important to bring that forward and show how things are made as that is something often overlooked, separating the design object or finished outcome from its material contexts of making. With this theme all of us would also like to share insights and experiences about the skills and techniques that we’ve encountered and the “knowledge in making” we’ve created in our master projects, so that others can pick up on that, start experimenting and trying out things themselves. Perhaps it could open a dialogue and make others want to share their knowledge with us? We will do this by bringing up something that has happened “backstage” in all our works, and tell about details on how we went about it. Rough, uncensored and real.

Duotone print.
Poster as dustcover
Flatstiched back.
160 pages.

Printed by Printfabriken

Ateljé Andrejs Ljunggren

Brännkyrkagatan 13c
129 30 Stockholm