on Nature 

— Graphic design
and Art direction.

We are living in increasingly complex and turbulent times.
Science tells us that our current behaviours are challenging our planet’s ability to support continued human wellbeing yet the great technology shift opens up an opportunity to build extraordinary innovations with a global reach.

Graphic design and interiors together with Martin Frostner Studio , Carl Cyrén, Jacob Liljemark and Katrin Streiler. Illustrations by James Graham.

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Creativity trigger concept.

A hack is a rather special event, a time-limited situation where people from different backgrounds meet to solve problems and create new solutions. Our visual idenitity around this process is based on the notion of creativity rather than trying to interpret a singular theme or idea. Lateral thinking and trigger-concept techniques for creating new ideas is key for this kind of activities and process. ....

So what if the graphics could serve as a creative tool more than just a nice package of something that is not yet existing? Something that could trigger brainstorming and possibilities around conten and theme? The idea is to depict material from nature, humanity and technology, symbols that appear familiar, but whose meaning and function remain unclear and open to interpretation. Juxtaposition and associations sets out to trigger. It is up to the viewer to interpret them and to accept the ambiguity and playfulness inherent to any creative activity.

Ateljé Andrejs Ljunggren

Brännkyrkagatan 13c
129 30 Stockholm