–Exploring potential futures and the efficiency norm.

Sensing Energy is an interdisciplinary project aiming to explore and exemplify how design as a social agent could contribute to create and uphold more sustainable everyday practices, with a focus on how we produce, use and relate to energy. The project incorporates a variety of different design and architectural approaches, combined with systems analysis, futures studies and critical/feminist theory. The design experiments carried out in this project are not intended to provide definite answers to how sustainable everyday practices could and should be achieved. Nor are they intended to deliver solutions, ready to be implemented. Instead, the exhibited design experiments are to be seen as materialised arguments and questions in a conversation over what design for sustainable everyday practices could be and what it could mean.

The exhibition and panel talk is part of the research projekt "Design for an energy efficient everyday campus life in Albano”.

Exhibition is ongoing until 2016.02.26 (Link to event)

Read more at Green Leap — KTH.

Research Team
Camilla Andersson, Loove Broms, Karin Ehrnberger, Milo Lavén, Pablo Miranda Carranza, Jonas Runberger and Josefin Wangel

Project management
Karin Habermann

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